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Why do we isolate each other
All the walls we build between us
Make it so hard to be together

How can we tear at one another
When the thing we have in common
Is an uncommon love

Walls can fall, tears can mend
So why can't we reach across the line
And touch each other

Here on two sides of the truth
We've a middle ground in common
We have an uncommon love

Time can heal, hearts can mend
So why can't we reach across the line
And touch each other

When will we ever learn
That the thing we have in common
Is an uncommon love
We have an uncommon love

"An Uncommon Love" - Carole King


  1. Um Momento said...
    Hum...hoje é dia...:)11?
    Alguma razão especial...pois a imagem é linda a musica ...envolvente...

    Beijo...indo ouvir mais uma vez...

    Anónimo said...
    Desculpa pela sinceridade e falta de sensibilidade nesta hora, Art... Mas confesso que só consegui imaginar o frio que essa moça deve ter sentido ao tirar esta foto!

    cõllybry said...
    Paredes se constroi hás vezes em nosso redor, elas se sentem, mesmo não se vendo...

    Doce beijo, terno amigo
    Ruela said...
    tulipa said...
    Pétalas de uma linda flor são todos os momentos, pessoas, paixões, sentimentos que iluminam os meus dias!
    Agora sou uma TULIPA.

    Beijinhos, querido Amigo.
    Bom fim de semana.
    Whispers in night said...
    My friend Arte!

    When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view at the top!
    Big kiss
    Erotic Spirit said...
    Ah Art U don't even know how good r your posts. This is a sensitive time of the year for me and your posts are just something else... a million thanks for blogging and posting

    C Valente said...
    Boa tarde e resto de bom fim de semana. Desculpe só agora contactar, mas tenho tido problemas com o sistema Internet e PC
    Saudações amigas, que não esqueço os amigos
    Alien David Sousa said...
    My dear Art, first of all when did i gave you permission to place here my picture? :|

    Moving on. Yes!, you are so right in a perfect world we should be able to bring down the walls that isolate us from each other. In a perfect world we should look inside and let the love we have within bring the best out of us and share it with others.
    The problem it's: we aren’t living in a perfect world, so only a few are able to give the best of themselves with out asking for anything in return. This as a name; altruism.
    I don’t want to be a pessimist, but looking around, i don’t believe that the humans have what it takes to make this "blue ball" a better place. It’s a unfair war, the one that's being played. On one side we have the ones that do believe we can make this a better place and on the other side we have the ones that don’t give a damn!

    Yes! The walls should come down! How? That's the question.Or should i say: The problem.

    Kisses dear ghost
    (Un)Hapiness said...
    esta letra...a conjugação da melodia...gosto! :)

    pk as paredes podem cair...e caem tantas vezes...

    Oliver Pickwick said...
    "All the walls we build between us".
    Um costume dos dias atuais, caro Art. Talvez o amor incomum seja mesmo uma saída.
    Um abraço!
    aorta said...
    Art, um amor incomum pode ser grande amor.

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